Feedback and Kind Words


“I searched for a long time for a house to produce a website that would take my business to the next level.  I was getting frustrated with empty promises and lack of energy from the design firms I contacted.  Then I met a force of nature – the team at Marin Web Design...

They changed my perception of “web designers” forever.  The experience I had with them has been incomparably positive.  Every step of the way has been a dream in collaboration, enthusiasm, energy and tech savviness.

It’s slightly difficult to explain the alchemy that happens when a team is firing at its peak but I will try: This was my experience with MWD from day one -  they brought fresh perspective, smarts, creative energy and just the right amount of humbleness to this project.  I am forever grateful that I met them.  The product they produced for me was a hit and exactly what I was looking for.  They took my vision and amped it to perfection.  I plan to go back to them for more as my business is now expanding and I see the great benefits of hiring a talented team from the get-go!

With deepest appreciation for a job well done and thank you Marin Web Design."

- Gillian Armour

CEO Fashion Stylist Institute
San Francisco


“We are a local storage facility that was in desperate need of a web presence and updated website.  We hired Marin Web Design to help us revamp our website and create a marketing campaign that would land us on the front page of google searches.  Marin Web Design helped us through the process and created a site for us that is user friendly, attractive and effective on google searches.  Then we had them create a google ad words campaign to land us in the top of google searches.  The website they created for us is so good that we are having to spend very little per month to ensure our site reaches the targeted key word searches for our industry.  I highly recommend this company if you want a strong web presence and effective website.  They have been extremely knowledgeable, friendly and prompt with all of our requests and seem genuinely interested in wanting our business success.”

- Stacy Hart

Mill Valley Stor-All
Storage Company


“Marin Web Design is talented, they stay current with web marketing and are responsive.   Your results are tangible and results depend in part on your willingness to communicate,  roll up your sleeves, define your objectives to focus and execute your marketing plan with Marin Web Designs tools.    The results speak for themselves as the metrics are there for you to see and tweak.”

- 25 year old San Rafael Engineering business


“After much research on what make a website successful for a small business it was only after I met with Marin Web Design did the pieces fall into place.  Floyd Mitchell and his crew focus on structuring a website to maximize “first page” listing to your specific target market. With this my architectural firms website will become our firms most cost effective marketing tool.  Marin Web Design was readily able to take our very specific criteria on what our website should look like, how it should function and what image the website will convey to our potential clients and create a website that exceeded our expectations.  They are very professional, personable, and knowledgeable with perfect execution.  Nothing but the best.”

- Scott Couture

Couture Architecture


“Floyd and Bryn at Marin Web Design went way above and beyond before, during and post launch.  They were at every turn professional and insightful.  Always providing direction and suggestions. I would highly recommend them if you are in search of a San Francisco Bay Area web design team. Over the years I have hired a dozen or so webmasters and the team at Marin Web Design are some of the best.”

- Michelle Heston

Reg Dir of Public Relations
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa


“Floyd Mitchell and his team brought my website up to a whole new dimension. His knowledge moved my website to the top of the page versus being buried below countless others. It is refreshing to engage with a website firm that fulfills its core commitments. We targeted many specific categories of which I moved to the top within 3 days of launching. The response has tripled my business within a month causing my phone to ring consistently with interested inquiries. Marin Web Design’s stellar SEO has completely exceeded my expectations and brought my business back to life. I am not tech savvy. Having Floyd’s gentle, non-judging education and support has helped me understand, maximize, and enjoy advertising on the internet. I am excited and grateful for all the new opportunities my business is experiencing.”

- Deanne Clough

Thank you Marin Web Design


"I was at a conference learning about how to design my own website and I had a panic attack because I have so many other things to do as I start my Professional Organizing Business in Marin. I Google’d and found Marin Web Design. Literally 5 minutes after I sent in the “contact us” form, Floyd Mitchell called me back and we set up our first meeting.

I am so thrilled with the design and functionality of my new website. The brainstorming process was creative, intense and fun, and they completely captured my branding. Now, two months later, when we meet to tweak, I will have a short list of things that I don’t understand how to do on the site, and the four men will literally each be working away at my “odds and ends lists”. I love that I can spend an hour and a half with them, and accomplish huge tasks that are making my site exactly what I need.

If you have a poorly designed website or are realizing that the do-it-yourself way is really not going to get you the business you seek, call these guys. This was a homerun for edit organizing."

- Sarah G.

Edit Organizing


"Wow! I can’t believe my business actually has a website now. And all it took was one office visit to Marin Web Design. I am a small general contractor who has been in business for a couple of years and computer stuff is not my forte… Not only were Floyd and his team very courtious and professional, they had no problem describing the process and end goals to me in a way that I could understand. The entire endeavor was very streamlined and accessible, even for a novice like myself. I feel like I have secured a high quality product for my company at a fair price. Would recommend Marin Web Design for anyone who needs a professionally done website."

- Carlo L.

CenterLine Builders
Green Remodel Contractor


"I began working with Marin Web Design when I realized that my ecommerce website wasn’t optimized and I was getting little or no traffic, even though I had spent a lot of money getting it built. In a short time after working with the Marin Web Design team I was on the first page of Google for some very popular search terms.

I trust Marin Web Design as a partner in my business. The staff is always proactive, responsive and professional. As a small business owner I need to feel that I can trust my web team to guide me technologically, empower me with tools that I can manage myself, and not overcharge me when I need their help. I have found all of these attributes and more with Marin Web Design and would recommend them to any business."

- Johanna Wolf

Owner of online shopping store


"I am a director of photography and what I do is light movies, compose the shots and often operate the camera. So to get business it’s all through personal contacts, who you have worked for and who you meet. But now I have a web presence which I never had before and it has opened up a whole new world for me as far as getting clients. Before where I relied solely on word of mouth, now people are finding me through the things that Floyd Mitchell has done to my website, the SEO, the web presence and the Google searches. People are finding me in a way that they were never able to find me before. I had a small website with videos that was serviceable but it wasn’t great. I came to Floyd since I knew he started a web design company and I had seen some of his work so we started to put the site together and he put everything into place and it has been absolutely amazing. The traction that I have gotten is incredible. If you search some key phrases I come up either number one or two for the world for key search terms. So his work truly does work."

- Johnny Derango

Film Cinematographer
LA to New York


"If you don’t have a good web presence you don’t have a business and that is where Floyd and Bryn come in. They put together a web design and web package that quite frankly I was surprised by. Being the Executive Director I am cost conscious and am certainly not into wasting time or money on things that don’t matter. This was the best time and the best money we’ve spent. I can’t recommend Floyd and Bryn enough."

- Howard Asher

Executive Director
Stray Angel Films


"I just wanted to do a short shout out to Floyd Mitchell and Marin Web Design. Floyd is one of the best SEO web developers and designers I have ever worked with. He collaborated with me on our site We had a custom content management system and Floyd came in and built a whole top of the line CMS with a fully managed SEO solution and all of the latest technology. He also handles all of our hosting. Long story short, his knowledge, his expertise and his proprietary SEO experience and techniques have allowed us to get to the top of Google. Our business has probably doubled and I have only Floyd and Marin Web Design to thank for that. So thank you guys!"

- Suren Seron

Stray Angel Films


"My husband, Xavier and I opened our fitness center, Body By X, in early Summer, 2010.  I managed most of the marketing responsibilities and built our first website using, a free website builder.  I was so excited to discover that there were templates that would allow our site to be interesting and creative–2 characteristics I thought were critical elements to a succesful website.  We received a lot of positive feedback on my website’s creative design.  We also heard that it was difficult to navigate and it was 100% flash based which meant anyone with an iPhone or iPad couldn’t see the site at all!  I didn’t know how to do SEO for the site so it was really just a place where our members could see my creative, graphic design abilities!  When my husband suggested that we rebuild the site I knew he was right but I wasn’t happy.  I had spent hundreds of hours on something and I was sad that it didn’t meet the needs of our business or our clients.  Even more, I was terrified to turn the reigns over to someone I didn’t even know and whom I feared didn’t know our business, our philosophy or our brand.

What Floyd at Marin Web Design, whom Xavier hired to build our website did know, was how to build a brand (doesn’t matter what brand it is!) and he has done that masterfully all the while working with an emotional entrepreneur who was pretty bummed her website got trashed.  He not only created a better looking website than our first, he mobile optimized it and the SEO work he continues to do is amazing!  We are finding ourselves at the top of the Google searches we want to rank for and our business is growing daily as a result.

He also created beautiful, professional HD videos (on a par with national television ads) that we have used on television and on our website.  He is a brilliant strategist and the best part is he’s willing to work collaboratively with me. Floyd has given me the job of full-time blogger which I love and which he has shown me is an important part of the internet puzzle.  I have learned so much from Floyd about internet marketing and I applaud his expertise and appreciate his patience.  

If you don’t think your website needs to be built by a web designer, you’re wrong.  I was.  The team at Marin Web Design are worth EVERY penny and more. "

- Nadia McClinton

Owner Body By X
Skill Development & Training Center


"I am the owner of a Pre School in Marin County CA, even though I had a web site I didn’t get many calls.., the name of my School didn’t show in the “Google search” until the 5th page or more.

When looking up to the many companies, I came upon “Marin Web Design,” Floyd was very professional, and most importantly he cared about my business. He re-designed my web site and in NO time San Marin Montessori was and still is in the FIRST page of Google, Yahoo, and AOL.

One year later “Marin Web Design,” still maintain my web site, I am getting more calls than ever, and they still care how San Marin Montessori is doing.

If you are in search of improving your business big or small, please don’t doubt yourself in trusting your future in the hands of Marin Web Design."

- Magali Zimmermann Roche

Teacher Director
San Marin Montessori

Desolation Outdoors

"I came to Floyd on a Thursday morning with a real concern that my website would not be completed prior to my companies launch the following Monday. Floyd quickly hopped on board, worked with my budget and was instrumental in my companies launch. He is passionate of local business, start up's and has a real understanding of how to develop, design and launch websites set to scale. Instead of messing around with the rest, work with Floyd and his devoted team members for your web development needs. I strongly recommend Marin Web Design and welcome anyone to contact me at any time to learn more about my experience. 

Thanks Floyd!

- Torben Yjord-Jackson
Founder-CEO; Desolation Outdoors Inc.”

The Awakening Dharma

"Responsiveness, effectiveness of results, easy to work with."


"Floyd and his crew where very open and flexible to work within my exacting standards on the way my website would look and work. They were also knowledgable and wise enough to take my ideas and guide them to a place that is far better because of their input.”

- Scott Couture

Couture Architecture

"As a small business owner, I rely heavily on my website's presence. Floyd is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to my business needs and concerns. If you need a web site designed, hosted and/or closely monitored, look no further. Contact Marin Web Design. I highly recommend their services."

- Anne N.

Berkeley, CA

"This review is long overdue because I have been swamped and preoccupied.  Yet it is well deserved. Floyd and Jason did a great job on short notice with a quick turnaround. I appreciated being able to sit down and build a new business website with them. They are very knowledgeable and personable, and were very helpful in customizing my site. And they were very reasonable in cost for the amount of work they did. Unfortunately they were not available when it came time for my subsequent updating, so I needed to use someone else.  But I am glad for their well deserved success."


Mill Valley, CA

"Wow! I can't believe my business actually has a website now. And all it took was one office visit to Marin Web Design. I am a small general contractor who has been in business for a couple of years and computer stuff is not my forte... Not only were Floyd and his team very curtious and professional, they had no problem describing the process and end goals to me in a way that I could understand. The entire endeavor was very streamlined and accessible, even for a novice like myself. I feel like I have secured a high quality product for my company at a fair price. Would recommend Marin Web Design for anyone who needs a professionally done website."

- Carlo L.

San Rafael, CA

"Really helpful group of people. They genuinely care about my success and are absolute professionals. Highly recommend."

- Caspar M.

Beverly Hills, CA